14 Aug 2019

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The Ayioi Saranta Church, tucked away in a cave in a secluded road of Protaras.


The church can’t be seen from the road. You have to keep an eye open as it is hidden in the rocky hills. 


A pathway leads up to its entrance. Inside the church, there is a tiny worship spot with a few icons. There you can sit and have a peaceful sight even for non-religious visitors. It’s a true hidden gem of Protaras. 


There are no windows but light gets in from the opening  in the entrance. There’s no electricity either, so it’s difficult to go there, during the night. The best hour of day to go is when the sun setting as you get to enjoy all those beautiful colours. 


The building date is unclear. It is believed that the word ‘Saranta’ which means ‘40’ in Greek is derived from forty stalagmites on the ceiling of the cave, linked to the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste.