Folk Art Museum in Deryneia

05 Apr 2019

A museum to explore Cyprus Traditional Culture

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The Folk Art Museum is the place to explore if you’re interested in cultural, folk and traditional house decorations. In the museum, many equipments that people used in the early 20th century are displayed. 

The house where the museum is now located, was donated from Mr & Mrs. Hadjiliasi and the Municipality renovated it under the supervision of the Town Planning and Housing Department. The exhibition was arranged in collaboration with the Cyprus Handicraft Service and is divided in indoor and outdoor.
Furthermore, you can see many things which were used for many professions such as shoe making, tailoring, building, fishing and farming. It’s a very educational exhibition for those who are fascinated with the tradition and culture of different countries
The exhibits are part of donations from people who live in the village of Deryneia.
Address: 2 & 3, Dimitri Liperti, Deryneia village, Famagusta
Tel: 00 357 23 811 000
Opening hours: Monday- Saturday: 09:00-13:00/ 15:00-18:00
                          Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.
Ticket: 2 euros