Thalassa By Night

By night, Thalassa is transformed into a seaside magic experience with special relaxed lighting, a gentle music lounge and a view of moonlight reflected on the sea surface. 

The menu becomes more gastronomic with colourful salads, starters and gourmet main dishes.

We will impress you most with our Hot Stone dishes where you are free to cook at your table a choice of juicy cut prime aged beef or a selection of seafood such as scallops, fresh salmon, tiger prawns or sea-bream fillet exactly how you like them.

In our seductive wine list we offer you a small but select range of local and international wines, fruity whites, full bodied reds or crystal rosé.  

After your dinner our Chill-Out Bar offers an “exotic” experience, with shisha or hookah pipes to exorcise all worries with their fragrant smoke.
Thalassa by Night
Thalassa by Night